One day until you meet Rick, Paige & Taylor!!! A teaser… maybe??

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So, just ONE day until you get to meet Rick, Paige & Taylor!!!!! I think that definitely deserves a teaser, right? Yes, it does! Here we go…..


“Here we go. She’s been asking for you,” I hear the nurse’s voice and my eyes snap open. My smile is suddenly replaced by shock as my eyes fall on his face. This doesn’t make sense. I don’t understand. I blink a few times to make sure that my eyes are working. They are. I just stare at him in silence.

“Paige,” his voice is relieved and full of love. He races over to me, planting gentle kisses all over my face. I don’t feel the pain that his touch is causing me because I am completely numb. My brain is trying to process what is happening. His kisses lack something. They lack him. They lack Taylor. He’s not Taylor. I try to make sense of everything but I feel like I am stuck in some sick game. The man that is planting kisses all over my face, the one looking down at me like I am the only woman that exists in the whole world is not the man that I was expecting.

My brain starts scanning like a machine on overload. This doesn’t make sense. I remember this man…I know exactly who he is yet he’s not who I was expecting. I was expecting Taylor, but if the man stood before me is real, then…oh gosh…no. This can’t be happening. This can’t be real. This has got to be some sort of a joke, but it’s not. I know it’s not because the memories of the man planting gentle kisses all over my face are flooding back. The first day we met; our first date; the first time we met each others’ parents; the first time we made love; the first time we moved in together; the night of the accident…

“Rick,” finally the word falls from my lips. It feels foreign…wrong. It’s replacing the only word that has been on my lips for the past month…Taylor. Wait…month. She said that I was unconscious for a month. I feel sick. Realization sinks in and reality kicks me straight in the gut. It wasn’t real. He wasn’t real…Taylor. Him…everything…every emotion and feeling was fake…it was just a dream. But she said that I was in a coma for just a month…it felt like longer…so much longer. If it was just a dream, then Taylor doesn’t exist. He was never real…it was just a dream. My imagination was just playing a cruel trick on my brain…extending a mere month into days, weeks, months of feelings that I can’t ignore. I have real feelings for a man that doesn’t exist. I feel sick. I feel physically sick.

I look up into the eyes of the man who is stood before me. I try to understand how my heart could have felt more in a dream than it has in the two years that we have shared together. I never thought that there was more than this. More than Rick and I. Why is my heartbeat not the same as it was with Taylor? Where is the extra beat that it had when I was with him? Where has it all gone? I look into Rick’s eyes but my heart is missing Taylor. Did I cheat on him? Was I unfaithful to the man that I love? How could I feel so strongly about someone else when I have him? The guilt ripples through me like a violent storm. What is wrong with me? My eyes flicker to his face again. I feel dirty even looking at him, knowing what I’ve done. Knowing how I feel. Knowing that half of my heart lies with the man from my dreams.

Rick looks so tired and worn out. His beard has grown and his eyes are circled in dark rings. He’s been suffering. Guilt fills my entire body and words escape me. I cry. I cry because I love the man stood before me – I remember that much – but something’s changed. Something has shifted. I cry because I miss Taylor. I cry because he is not real.

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