My Fav Reads of 2015 & What I am Currently Reading…

So I thought that it would be great to share the books that I read & loved in 2015…


Ok, so I know that you may have noticed a pattern here (a lot of Colleen Hoover books!). I’m guilty! I’m sorry but I’m a CoHo addict and I will devour whatever book this woman puts out…it’s just how I roll. I could go to a special group for addicts but I’m not going to because I’m never giving her up! Now putting all of that aside these are some of the AWESOME books that I read in 2015 and wanted to share with you….so I did. I’m going to provide some links below to these authors’ facebook pages, check them out, stalk them…whatever it is you do!

The Air He Breathes – Brittainy C Cherry.

Bright Side – Kim Holden.

November 9 & Confess – Colleen Hoover.

Never Never (Parts 1 & 2) – Colleen Hoover & Tarryn Fisher – Never Never Part 3 s available to pre-order right here.

Sincerely, Carter – Whitney G


Also here is what I am currently reading…

Arsen – Mia Asher

(My Kindle informs me that I am 15% in and so far it is very good!)

Until next time my little love bugs! Peace out!

PS. Confession…(If you have read Confess then you know if you haven’t then go find out!) …I am addicted to Colleen Hoover books and I am NOT ashamed of my addiction!



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